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Manfred Barone

Director of Premium Retail Solutions and current Victorian President of the Sales & Marketing Institute of Victoria. A Sales & Marketing professional with over 25 years experience leading multi-national companies such as Unilever & Parmalat and others in senior management roles. Respected and well connected within the industry with a strong history of delivering results.

In 2014 I founded Premium Retail Solutions (PRS) a sales and marketing model that enables SME’s that aspire or are trading in the retail and or pharmacy space, the tools to engage and win at a level usually only afforded to larger players. My years of experience and knowledge, access to senior decision makers and relationships help enable outcomes and success, whilst giving SME’s a share of voice with retailers and distributor networks, that deliver tangible outcomes. 

Manfred’s extensive background in sales and marketing first commenced with Unilever, where he led two major divisions of the company’s portfolio. In 2009 and whilst still at Unilever, Manfred undertook additional studies and completed both an Advanced Diploma in Marketing & Business and a Graduate of Applied Business in order to further his knowledge and complement his practical experience.

Equipped with industry experience and further education, Manfred them established a quiche (food manufacturing) business in 2011, supplying the Australian retail and restaurant trades. Unlike many other sales and marketing consultants, Manfred has ‘walked the walk’ and so understands first-hand the challenges associated with securing and maintaining product ranging and relationships with key clients. Manfred’s food manufacturing business was eventually successfully sold as a profitable trading entity, allowing him to accept a role with Parmalat leading the Coles group and a large team across branded and private label  business units.


With years of first-hand experience and knowledge, access to senior decision markers across the sales and marketing sectors within Australia and expertise in relationship management, Manfred has helped give SME's a share of voice with major retailers and distributor networks, helping them reinvigorate stagnant brands and take new ones to market, ultimately ensuring successful tangible outcomes.

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